Tuesday, January 28

Game Projects

Two games made during my time at school. I made each game with different groups and I was by far not the only one responsible for making these. Please check the credits on the menu screen.

Both games are made with unity

The game is labeled 'On Air'
(The code isn't stable after being loaded to Dropbox; not all the NPC enemies animations load)


(This is a puzzle game, so look around for clues)
(The code isn't stable after being loaded to Dropbox; the NPC enemies glitch often. Just keep clicking on them they will disappear, and are a small part of the game.)

Monday, January 27

2014 Demo Reel(s)

A general reel covering 2d and 3d animations

A 3D focus DemoReel showing my animations modeling, texturing and rigging.
A 2D focus DemoReel

A Short DemoReel quickly showing all from of animation